Spearheading the Grill

I ventured out to the Farmer's Market last Saturday Morning and at the far end of the row, past the morrels and  chantrelles, beyond the local honey and farm fresh eggs, nestled in next to several lettuce varieties, there it was.....ASPARAGUS.  I couldn't have been happier.  I picked out about 20 of the most beautiful spears and headed home to fire up the grill!  I learned from the best (the best being GP's executive chef, Jim Joyce), that if you really want a flavor explosion, it's best to blanch the asparagus before throwing them on the grill.  Start by trimming the tough ends off, then bring a pot of salted water up to a boil, throw the spears in for about 1 minute.  Take them out and immediatly shock them in an ice water bath.  Pat them dry, brush with olive oil and place them on the outer edges of the grill (to avoid burning).  Turn them over after about 2 minute. After about 2 more minutes (depending on the temperature of your grill and thickness of the spears), they should be perfect.  I tossed mine with minced roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt and served them alongside bleu cheese and bacon elk burgers!! 

In the spirit of asparagus season, Chef Jim has agreed to film a Youtube video on Wednesday, April 25th to demonstrate this grilled asparagus method.  You can check it out at our Youtube channel!  http://youtube.com/gourmetproductions