Stop and Taste the Rosés

This weekend marks the official start of the Rose Festival here in Portland, Oregon.  At GP we will be celebrating with Rosé Wines for the entire month of June.  Not only are they beautiful, ranging from soft pinks to dark ruby reds, rosés will excite, but not overwhelm the palate, and are a perfect wine for the transition into warm weather.  Though they share many characteristics with red wine, they lack the tannic composition, allowing them to harmonize brilliantly with many of the seasonal foods enjoyed in spring and summer, such as salads and fish.  Rosés are typically served cold, but can also be enjoyed at room temperature, making them a wise choice regardless of weather.  So what's stopping you?  Take a break to stop and taste the rosés!

Gourmet Productions Featured Rosés:

Del Rio Grenache Rosé

Domeaine de Nizas Rosé

Château La Roque Rosé