Little Shop of Delights

Imagine this:  You're sitting in a meeting full of nameless big wigs, whom you want to impress.  Your stomach suddenly sounds as if it is impersonating the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors, shouting "Feed me, feed me"!  It's not too difficult to imagine, as the vast majority of man-kind has experienced this, or a similar situation. 

Do you ever wonder why your stomach seems to have a mind of its own?  I did, so I researched the scientific reasoning behind my chatterbox of a tummy.  Discovery Health's website explains that it is due to a hormone called ghrelin which stimulates the appetite by telling the brain to start contractions in an attempt to give you a little reminder that you're hungry.  The actual growling is the vibrations from your stomach walls rubbing together due to a lack of substance. 

So next time your stomach starts growling, maybe you need to heed its advice and get a bite to eat!  Need some suggestions?  Try Gourmet Productions fresh, local creations to comfort the creature within.